Teen Wolf Season 3 Casting Spoilers : Twins, Pack Leader & More Alphas!

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November 30, 2012

The Teen Wolf casting team is hard at work in finding fans some fresh new faces for Season 3.  New spoiler casting news now reveals some more faces to put to already announced characters.

‘Desperate Housewives’ famous little twins that grew up on the show, Max and Charlie Carver will play the Alphas named Ethan and Aiden. They are described to have been given separate targets among Scott’s friends. And their mission may not necessarily be to harm, but to seduce them.

In other casting news, Last Resort’s Gideon Emery will be taking on the  previously announced  new wolf pack leader, Deucalion! who is described to try and turn Derek and Scott against each other, while tearing Beacon Hills apart.

And let’s not forget the new ladies in town! Felisha Terrell will play the first female Alphas the ruthless Kali, and Adelaide Kane will play Cora, a mysterious young woman burdened by a life on her own. We’ll also quickly learn how she and Beacon Hills share quite some history.

Source : Zap2It, MTV

Are you excited with all this new spoiler casting news? Just how will the new Alphas reap mayhem on Beacon Hills? And just who is the mysterious Cora?