Teen Wolf Season 3 Casting Spoilers : New Love Interest For Derek!

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December 1, 2012

New spoilers reveal that Derek will be getting a new love interest in the upcoming season of Teen Wolf.

Haley Webb is set to take on the major recurring role. She will play rumored love interest for Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin).

The character she is set to appear as has no description and remains unnamed, so stay tuned!

Webb has appeared in 2009 film, The Final Destination and is set to appear in upcoming films Rushlights and Single In South Beach.

Source : Deadline

Are you on-board for Derek to finally find some love? Or is there anyone else in mind that you want to see end up with Derek?

  • Obviously

    First Question’s Answer: Yes

    Second Question’s Answer: Stiles

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith

    Derek definitely deserves someone and that someone is Stiles.

  • Doesn’t Matter

    Derek just needs to get laid, period.

  • Ohdear

    No ! Dererk and Stiles !! Who is this homewrecker

  • Lycan Lover 411

    If he gets a love interest, there had better be some steamy scenes ;D ;D

  • gumic lucky

    noooooo sterrrrrek!!!!
    They already take up 70% of the fandom on AO3, if no sterek, then just no. please. Q_Q

  • belinda

    you guys do realize that derek is not gay right ? stiles is a boy, derek needs a woman