Teen Wolf Season 3 Casting Spoilers : Gage Golightly Leaving The Show?

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January 9, 2013

We already lost Colton Haynes and it now looks like we will be losing yet another cast member during Teen Wolf’s third season.

Stephen Lunsford (played Matt last season) announced on Tumblr that Gage Golightly (who plays Erica) will not be returning next season as he answered a fans question on the subject by stating that “she isn’t [returning], but i thought that was old news.”

Check out the full post right here:
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Source: Tumblr

If this casting news is true, are you sad to see yet another Teen Wolf cast member leave the show? Did you enjoy Gage’s character on the show or are you happy they let Erica go?

  • Brittany

    I actually really liked Erica and Jackson. I’m going to miss them. :(

  • Chris

    I loved Erica. She was proof that you don’t have to let disability, past or present, get you down. She was a source of strength for a lot of young girls with epilepsy.