Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 7 “Restraint” Guide

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July 3, 2012

Check out the official guide for Teen Wolf, season 2 episode 7 “Restraint”. The episode airs Monday, July 9th.


  • Lydia begins to make connections about the bite from Peter.
  • Jackson starts to cause new problems for Scott and Stiles.
  • While, Derek has a crisis of faith in his own leadership as a new Alpha.


Are you guys excited for the episode? What will Lydia discover about her bite? And what will Jackson do to cause problems for Scott and Stiles? And do you think Derek should continue his leadership or abandon it?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Michael Nulty

    Derek has a problem with Erica as he will may abandond him being an Alpha. Lydia starts to have problems with connecting with the bite and starts to learn more about it. Jackson causes the problem with Erica and Derek and may separate Alisons and Scotts relationship.

  • Michael Nulty

    Oh and this may not happen but with the Promo it looks a little simaker to what i wrote down. FWI i cannot spell LOL.