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Season 2 Episode 6

Charm School

Air Date: 03/09/2018

When the wife of a war hero senator is taken, Bryan and the team must determine if her disappearance was orchestrated by a foreign government or someone closer to home....

Season 2 Episode 5


Air Date: 03/02/2018

Santana must face her past when a foreign diplomat linked to a sex trafficking ring is kidnapped....

Season 2 Episode 4


Air Date: 02/02/2018

When the President's emergency "football" is stolen, Bryan (Clive Standen) and the team must recover it before classified national security measures fall into dangerous hands....

Season 2 Episode 3


Air Date: 01/26/2018

A laid-off worker kidnaps a high-powered accountant in revenge for his lost pension...

Season 2 Episode 2


Air Date: 01/19/2018

When a plane crashes carrying Bryan Mills and a key witness in a murder investigation, a wounded Mills must call upon the survival skills his father taught him to overcome the elements, find a way out of the woods and protect the witness from a lethal team of mercenaries on their tail....

Season 2 Episode 1


Air Date: 01/12/2018

Bryan Mills fights for his life inside a secret Mexican prison and plans a series of dangerous deals to put him on track for escape to the United States....

Season 1 Episode 10

I Surrender (Season Finale)

Air Date: 05/01/2017

As the FBI threatens to remove Christina from command, Bryan and John lead a rogue mission to stop Mejia's associates before they cross the border....

Season 1 Episode 9


Air Date: 04/24/2017

The ODNI is forced to deliver Mejia to the FBI but catch wind of the cartel's plans to hijack the transfer...

Season 1 Episode 8


Air Date: 04/17/2017

The ODNI assists an Israeli spy with early onset Alzheimer's, whose own agency is out to kill her....

Season 1 Episode 7


Air Date: 04/10/2017

During the team's efforts to thwart a Mejia weapons operation, Bryan is taken....

Season 1 Episode 6

Hail Mary

Air Date: 04/03/2017

The ODNI is asked to facilitate the defection of a Russian FSB agent, but the agent's pregnant girlfriend throws a curve in the team's plans....

Season 1 Episode 5

A Clockwork Swiss

Air Date: 03/27/2017

Christina orders the retrieval of sensitive documents in Zurich needed to prevent economic and political disaster....

Season 1 Episode 4

Mattie G

Air Date: 03/20/2017

Riley's insistence to uncover the truth behind a fatal drug given to war vets results in her asset's child being taken....

Season 1 Episode 3

Off Side

Air Date: 03/13/2017

Bryan and team search for a suspected terrorist who has been taken, leading them to uncover a deeper plot within their own government....

Season 1 Episode 2


Air Date: 03/06/2017

Bryan gets his first chance in the field but the mission goes bust, resulting in a tragic death....

Season 1 Episode 1


Air Date: 02/27/2017

The murder of Bryan Mills' sister launches him into a dangerous mission for revenge against cartel boss Carlos Mejia...