Season 1 Episode 2 Ready

Taken Episode 2 "Ready" Guide

Taken Episode 2 "Ready" Guide

NBC has released the description for the March 6th installment of Taken titled "Ready."

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Bryan (Clive Standen) gets his first chance in the field but the mission goes bust, resulting in a tragic death.  The team uncovers a group of government officials skimming off of refugee funds, which also leads Christina (Jennifer Beals) to reconnect with a long lost love.  Meanwhile, Asha (Brooklyn Sudano) shows up unexpectedly at Bryan's doorstep.  


series regulars:

    Bryan (Clive Standen)
    Christina (Jennifer Beals)
    Asha (Brooklyn Sudano)
    Gaius Charles (John)
    Monique Gabriela Curnen (Becca Vlasik)
    Michael Irby (Scott)
    Jose Pablo Cantillo (Dave)
    James Landry Hébert (Rem)
    Simu Liu (Faaron)
    Jennifer Marsala (Riley)

guest cast:

    Celeste Desjardins (Cali Mills)
    Joseph Cochrane (Oleksander Baniak)
    Dominic Fumusa (Harry Ward)
    Romano Ozari (Mejia)
    Nick Baillie (Ken Drummond)
    Brian Jagersky (Senator Wilkes)
    Lanette Ware (Secretary Teresa Redcliff)
    Clair Rankin (Clara Ward)

written by:


directed by: