Switched At Birth Spoilers: What’s Next For Emmet and Bay?

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June 5, 2013


Next Monday (June 10th), Switched at Birth is finally back with new episodes for season 2! To keep you updated with the latest Emmet/Bay scoop, here’s what we learned:

Unfortunately, Emmett is giving Bay her space in Monday’s premiere, an episode that also finds Daphne and Bay shaking up their living situations (the result of which may give viewers a little taste of what’s to come in the “What If?” hour later this season).

What’s your take on this cheating debacle bet. Emmet and Bay? Sound off below.

  • Ash

    Monday is June 10th not June 14. Is it that hard to use a calendar?

  • jas

    It says june 10???

  • Bemmett 4ever

    Emmett and Bay should get back together..They’re the cutest couple ever..I think most people would agree with me..

  • EBay girl 4-ever!!

    Emmett very obviously regrets what he has done. He wants to make amends. It would be great if Bay allowed him to do so. Those two belong together and they are definitely bigger than one, stupid mistake!