Season 5 Episode 10 Long Live Love (Series Finale)

Switched at Birth Spoilers: How will Travis' new job offer affect Bay?

Switched at Birth Spoilers: How will Travis' new job offer affect Bay?

Travis just received a job offer from Japan on Switched at Birth's penultimate episode. How will this affect Bay when she finds out? 

Here's a preview on what to expect, per star Vanessa Marano.


 It affects her! Her boyfriend has gotten a job offer to move to another country. That's a lot, right there.

It's interesting for Bay because she went from being a character who always needed to have a boyfriend -- she was that girl that always needed to be in love -- to finally being able to be like, "I'm by myself. I'm cool. I'm great. I'm wonderful. I've got this." She [rediscovered] the ability to fall in love with Travis, which took her by surprise. Now she's kind of back in a situation where she's in a perfect, lovely relationship and now they are hitting a bump in the road. It's a bump in the road that could take them one way or it could take them in a very, very different way. It's tough because it's a big decision that you make, not necessarily based off of whether you love the person or not. It's based off how much you want to be selfish for your own needs in a relationship and your own life career wise.

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