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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 13 "The Good Samaritan" Roundup Spoilers: Is Toby Not Ready for Adulthood? Daphne Gets Introduced to Geocaching

vlcsnap-853751An all new episode of Switched at Birth airs tomorrow night (Monday at 8pm) on ABC Family with episode titled "The Good Samaritan". We've rounded-up every spoiler bit you need to know, check them all out below:

Episode Description:


  • The demands of an “adult” life start taking their toll on Toby and Nikki’s relationship.
  • When she sees that Toby is overwhelmed by the demands of work and planning a wedding on a budget, Bay looks to lighten the mood and books his band to perform at the local carnival.
  • Angelo is frustrated by Regina and Bay’s messiness, while Adrianna’s frequent visits has Kathryn on edge.
  • Meanwhile, Jace introduces Daphne to geocaching.

ADDITIONAL SCOOP (via TV LINE) | Bay begins to reconnect with Ty, but learns shocking news about his experiences in Afghanistan.

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