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Switched at Birth

Season 5 Episode 10

Long Live Love (Series Finale)

Air Date: 04/11/2017

After five years of love, laughter and tears, the groundbreaking series “Switched at Birth” says goodbye in a memorable finale....

Season 5 Episode 9

The Wolf is Waiting

Air Date: 04/04/2017

Travis and Bay agree to a reunion dinner with his birth mother, but the evening brings up devastating memories of his past....

Season 5 Episode 8

Left in Charge

Air Date: 03/28/2017

Needing to pay their electric bill, Bay and Daphne throw a “lights on” party at their apartment, but things go awry when rowdy, uninvited guests get out of control....

Season 5 Episode 7

Memory (The Heart) (100th Episode)

Air Date: 03/21/2017

In the milestone 100th episode directed by Lea Thompson, an introduction has Bay and Daphne flooded with memories of their father Angelo....

Season 5 Episode 6

Four Ages in Life

Air Date: 03/07/2017

Daphne grows concerned when she discovers her medical mentor is putting his patients at risk....

Season 5 Episode 5

Occupy Truth

Air Date: 02/28/2017

With tensions running at an all-time high, the Black Student Union takes a stand against the university administration until their demands are heard....

Season 5 Episode 4

Relation of Lines and Colors

Air Date: 02/21/2017

Daphne and Sharee are horrified to stumble upon a racist display at the Black Student Union on campus....

Season 5 Episode 3


Air Date: 02/14/2017

Coming home for a brief visit, Toby and Lily surprise everyone with the announcement of their wedding plans....

Season 5 Episode 2

This Has to Do with Me

Air Date: 02/07/2017

A photo of Daphne and Mingo taken at a campus costume party explodes all over the internet....

Season 5 Episode 1

The Call

Air Date: 01/31/2017

After a transformative 10-month trip to China, Bay and Daphne return home upon receiving disturbing news....

Season 4 Episode 20

And Always Searching For Beauty

Air Date: 10/26/2015

Bay is excited to hold her first art show. Daphne interviews for an internship that would bring her closer to Quinn, causing friction with Mingo....

Season 4 Episode 19

A Mad Tea Party

Air Date: 10/19/2015

Bay takes over hosting Lily’s baby shower at the Kennish house when Regina is pulled away by an emergency with Will....

Season 4 Episode 16

Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows

Air Date: 09/28/2015

Daphne and Mingo are excited about the prospect of introducing their parents – until they discover there’s bad blood between them....

Season 4 Episode 13

Between Hope And Fear

Air Date: 09/07/2015

Regina is caught off guard when Eric asks her to move in with him....

Season 4 Episode 11

To Repel Ghosts

Air Date: 08/24/2015

Bay is haunted by her breakup with Emmett and attempts to push him out of her mind....

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