Will 'Supernatural' Get a Season 8 Renewal?

Will 'Supernatural' Get a Season 8 Renewal?

Now is the time of year when shows are planning and writing the last few episodes of the season. For Supernatural, there is some question as to whether they will get a Season 8 renewal.

The show’s ratings have gone down, averaging 1.8 million viewers this season versus 2 million for Season 6. Surely the show has not been helped by the less-than-stellar numbers from their Nikita lead-in. Plus, Supernatural is an older show, and viewership usually goes down as a show ages. Unfortunately, however, this all translates into the show being on the bubble for renewal.

The folks at Supernatural, though, are going forward as if there will be another season. Executive producer Robert Singer noted that they will end this season on a cliffhanger, regardless of whether they have word on a Season 8 pickup, saying they “like to be optimistic” and will write the cliffhanger and “see what happens.” And the show's rabid fan base will not let Supernatural go down without a fight!

What do you think? Will it be back? Could you survive the tragedy that would be a Supernatural cancellation?

Be sure to keep checking back here for all the latest news, spoilers, and updates regarding Season 8. The Season 7 finale airs on May 18.