Will Supernatural be bringing back the love and the funny?

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March 18, 2011

The boys haven’t exactly been lucky in love, and the women on this show don’t last very long. Will romance be in the air? Plus, will there be any light moments to break up all the darkness that’s coming? Read on for these spoilers from Entertainment Weekly!

Will either of the Winchester boys be getting any love sometime soon? It’s been a while since we’ve been treated to them shirtless! — Lori
The things I do… Yes, I asked this question just for you. Ever the gentleman, Jared Padalecki was happy to answer: “Not this season. I think we might have to come back for season 7. I think Sam has been so burned in romance, I think he’s done. I think he’s found the one he really likes –- well, I certainly did,” he said, glancing over to his new wife and Supernatural alum Genevieve Cortese.

I heard Supernatural is going to get pretty serious in the last few episodes, which is sad. I love their funny moments even more than the drama sometimes. Are there any fun episode coming up to break up the sad? — Diandra
I don’t think there are whole episode of funny (See: “The French Mistake”) but there is certainly some funny on the way. The next episode back, for instance, shows us the world that would exist if the Titanic never sank. (Balthazar decides he doesn’t like the end of the movie and decides to save the ship.) “It’s kind of about the butterfly effect of that,” she said. Other exciting moments coming up: Dean’s showdown at high noon. Sam on horseback. A saloon girl hitting on Dean.

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