What will the rest of Season 6 be like?

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March 8, 2011

Should we expect a few more funny episodes? More meta good times? No way, according to Watch With Kristin. The rest of Supernatural’s Season 6 can be summed up in one word: DARK.

All we dare tell you is that the final episodes of the season are dark, dark, dark. No more funny meta eps for the duration. Glad? Mad? Hit the comments.

  • Anonymous

    Good, it’s about time Supernatural gets dark, dark, dark, again.
    I’ve had enough of the soap opera crap, boring domestic Dean and RoboSam, Supernatural should be dark and scary.
    Oh and Kripke should return as show runner. ASAP.

  • Didyme

    I like dark revelations is ment to be, serious
    looking forward to getting to the real essence of the supernatural