What will Sam be like when he returns?

What will Sam be like when he returns?

Sam will be a changed man when he returns in the season premiere tonight. Hell will do that to you. And his time in Hell was worse than Dean's, mainly because of the archangel war erupting around him. Jared explains:

"I come back much less lovey-dovey, and more like, 'All right. I've been to hell a couple times, I've been to heaven. I've died, I've come back, I've done this, and I've done that. [Now] Sam's more no bullsh--...Crowley (Mark Sheppard) says, 'I can't imagine what it's like in the cage, and I can imagine so many things. We get the idea that Sam was in the bad part of hell. He wasn't in the penthouse."

Meanwhile, Dean has been doing what Sam told him to do: enjoying a "normal" life with Lisa and her son. Jensen says he wasn't quite sure how to play this softened version of his character, because he didn't want to lose Dean's essense:

"I was not happy with it. We spent five years with this guy being a tough, shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of guy, and now all of a sudden he's gone soft on us? It read pretty soft on the page, but I think I toughened it."

And when they do reunite, things do not exactly go smoothly--that punch in the promo, it's real:

"When Sam shows back up unexpectedly, obviously there's surprise, but then there's also anger," Ackles says, promising that the glimpse in the trailer of Dean punching Sam is real and not clever editing. "How long has he been around, and why hasn't he told me? That's the first bit of friction."

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Source: TV Guide