Tons of spoilers for the second half of Season 6!

Tons of spoilers for the second half of Season 6!

The boys travel to the Old West, more details on the upcoming meta episode, lots of returning characters: All this and more as exec producer Sera Gamble shared tons of spoilers with TV Squad. Here's what we have to look forward to in the second half of the season:

  • The Winchesters will be travelling to the Old West, 1861, to be precise. Rumor is they are travelling back to find Samuel Colt.

"You may see the guys in Stetsons. You may see Jared [Padalecki] on horseback. It could happen. I've already talked to Jensen [Ackles] about it, he's excited about it and I think the guys are going to have a lot of fun with it...We've always wanted to do one. Supernatural is a Western. We've always wanted to find a way to get Sam and Dean into the Old West, at least for part of an episode, and the main obstacle was always how to do it produceably."

  • The meta episode is called "The French Mistake" and will air February 18. Gamble calls it "the craziest meta episode of all time."

"We have an episode in which Sam and Dean find themselves in shorthand it, we'll call it a parallel world...There is no magic, there is a television show called 'Supernatural' and everyone seems convinced that they are actors named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles...It appears that there are actors having a psychotic break on a set and the producers don't know what to do, basically...The dailies are fall-on-the-floor hilarious. The guys are so funny in this episode. And, you know, meta is not to everyone's taste, but I enjoy a nice slice of meta."

The executive producers will be played by actors, but will "Eric Kripke" make an appearance? Gamble dishes:

"Part of the episode deals with the fact that Eric is difficult to track down. Part of it deals with the fact that Eric is off in a cabin somewhere writing a movie of the week for the Syfy channel."

Here are some more spoilers from Gamble:

  • We'll see more of Castiel and the civil war in Heaven in the second half of the season. We'll also meet one of Cas's lieutenants, Rachel.
  • Expect to see more of the angel Balthazar, who's played by Sebastian Roche. "Balthazar causes some serious, hilarious problems because he just does stuff for the [hell] of it, basically," Gamble said.
  • Rufus will return in season 6.
  • We'll see Ben and Lisa again before the season ends.

Are you as excited as I am for the second half of the season to start up? January 28 can't come soon enough!