Supernatural Spoilers: Sera Gamble talks Anna, Cupid, God, and more!

Supernatural Spoilers: Sera Gamble talks Anna, Cupid, God, and more!

Executive producer Sera Gamble had a lot to say to TV Guide regarding what’s in store in the coming months. What can we expect? Try Mary and John, Anna, Cupid, more Horsemen, Michael, and maybe even God.

First up for discussion was “Back to the Future, Part II,” the February 4 episode in which Dean and Sam go back to 1978 to keep their mom and dad from being murdered and conversely make sure they are born! When asked if the episode will be a heartbreaker, Gamble issued this warning:

Definitely. Sam seeing his parents is heart-wrenching—particularly his mom, because she died when he was just a baby. When he first meets her, he’s so overwhelmed he can’t even speak. But I think the most heartbreaking story is Mary’s. She’s done everything she can to leave hunting behind and have a normal life with John. But as the episode unfolds, we see her realize she can never escape.

We’d better have tissues ready. This is also the episode where Anna returns. We will learn what happened to her after Castiel turned her in last season.

Talk then turned to “My Bloody Valentine,” airing on February 11. Described as naked and hug-happy, Cupid is Dean and Sam’s main suspect in a series of gory murder/suicides of people who were supposedly in love. Gamble teased:

So they capture and interrogate him. All I can say is, he is a very loving dude. It's hilarious.

We’ll be the judge of that! Other upcoming episodes will touch on the Horseman Famine and what Death has been up to, plus

events and creatures from the Book of Revelation. One involves the dead rising—in the form of zombies who seem so benign and reasonable that Dean and Sam are torn: They’re technically monsters, but are they a problem that needs to be solved?

And she saved the best spoilers for last! Castiel will finally get a solid lead in his search for God, the Anchangel Michael will be introduced, and (most importantly) we’ll find out what kind of drunk Castiel is. My money’s on sloppy.