Supernatural Spoilers: Are they going to kill off Cas?

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May 6, 2011

We know that Supernatural is going to have a Season 7, but will Cas be around for it? Watch With Kristin asked that question and more, and here’s what Ben Edlund had to say.

  • The season-ending cliffhanger will deal a lot with Cas:
“Well, season seven…We are just now starting to work that out. But I will say that the cliffhanger is deeply involved with Castiel’s fate. And it must remain an unopened gift until that evening.”
  • Tonight’s episode will have an ususual structure, travelling to different points in time through Cas’s memories:
“The biggest part to me is how it deals with time. It has so many different aspects of flashback in it, and I think it is trackable, but I really feel like it’s kind of ambitious in the way that it takes you…it’s a very ambitious temporal structure for us. It doesn’t travel through time; we travel through time with his recollections.”
  • He loves tonight’s depiction of Heaven and Hell, but he’s most looking forward to seeing people try to keep up with the time structure of the episode:
“There is a depiction of heaven that I feel approaches a kind of poetry and there is a place that we go to in hell that has a certain poetic turn but I would say overall that it is a really whacked-out structure, and it’s going to be fun to follow. I mean it’s really just a person telling their story with no real consideration for what’s happening outside the moment or in the past, you have to go on that ride and it’s a fun one. We have a flashback within a flashback, and it just doesn’t stop. Good luck.”
We know Cas will be in the last 3 episodes of this season. Are you worried he won’t make it to Season 7?
  • Scryer41

    Unless he wants to leave the show, which I’ve not seen any indication of this in any reports, I doubt very much that the character of Castiel will be removed from the show. He is a much loved character now and has a large following.