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Supernatural Season 5 Episode 8 "Changing Channels": Fancast Scoop

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 8 "Changing Channels": Fancast Scoop

The only way you'll get me to watch Grey's Anatomy is if you put it in a Supernatural episode...

Is this week’s ‘Supernatural’ as funny as it looks? After all your Twitter and Facebook teases, I am dying over here. – Michelle
I’m a tough critic when it comes to funny, and I LOL’d lots while watching “Changing Channels,” in which the Trickster plops Sam and Dean inside various TV shows. (The episode’s opening credits alone will have both schlemiels and schlimazels howling.) All that’s up for debate is which segment the fans will find most hysterical. I myself was giving the edge to the riff on ‘Grey’s’ - which is replete with way too many people saying “Seriously?” - but then the ‘CSI’ spoof hit my screen and all bets were off. It must also be noted, however, that toward the hour’s end things turn grave when the Trickster drops two bombshells on the bros.

Got scoop on ‘Supernatural’? – Robin
Speaking of this week’s episode, I had to wonder if the breathy female pop tunes playing throughout the ‘Grey’s’ send-up were satires themselves, perhaps with mocking lyrics. Despite repeat viewings, I was unable to tell for sure, so I turned to series boss Eric Kripke for an answer. “It’s all real,” he tells The Big Tease. “We share a music supervisor with ‘Grey’s,’ Alex Patsavas, so she made sure we had the perfect type of songs. I think a few may have even been used on ‘Grey’s.’” Seriously? Seriously.

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