Supernatural: Kristin Spoilers

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December 15, 2009

Of course, a show like Supernatural would not do typical, slow-walking, evil zombies! We’d expect nothing else. And I’m looking forward to seeing Chuck again; won’t shed any tears about superfan Becky not being with him. Thanks to Kristin for the spoilers:

Jason in Palm Springs, Calif.: Supernatural! So happy it’s going into syndication.
Happy zombies! Sam and Dean find a town where everyone’s loved ones come back to life as zombies but they’re nice, friendly, non-brain-eating zombies…oh, and one of them is Bobby’s dead wife.

Jamie in Rochester, N.Y.: This is a Supernatural question. I’m a Sam girl, and I was wondering if you had any scoop about him?
Even though Sam is supposed to be on the wagon with his powers, we will see him use them again before the end of Supernatural season five. (Dean’s not gonna be happy about that!) In other Supernatural news, we’ll be meeting another horseman of the apocalypse (Famine, this time, rather than War), and the Prophet Chuck will definitely be back, although probably not in the company of his Supernatural-fangirl girlfriend.