Supernatural: 100th Episode Spoiler

Supernatural: 100th Episode Spoiler

I'm really excited about this spoiler. I can't wait to see the job Jensen does directing the episode. Thanks to BuddyTV:

As fans know, Supernatural's 100th episode is coming up in the second half of this season, and it's sure to be a big one.  While there aren't details on the exact nature of the episode, the new issue of Entertainment Weekly does have one cool bit of info about it.

According to EW, the 100th episode of Supernatural will feature Jensen Ackles...behind the camera!  That's right, Ackles will be directing the show's big 100th episode.

It will mark the first time Ackles tries something other than acting, unless you count the fact that he was credited as a producer and assistant director for the short film he appeared in, The Plight of Clownana.

The real test will be how Jensen Ackles does directing himself, and whether stepping behind the camera means the episode will feature less Dean than normal.

This isn't the first time an actor on the CW is stepping behind the scenes.  In fact, it happens quite often on other shows.  On Smallville, Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum and Allison Mack have all directed episodes.  On One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Galeotti and Paul Johansson have all directed.

The big 100th episode of Supernatural will most likely air sometime in March 2010.