Ringer Spoilers: Supernatural’s Misha Collins To Guest Star

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November 10, 2011

Supernatural’s Misha Collins is set to appear in an upcoming episode of Ringer, TVGuide.com has shared the spoilers.

  • Collins, best-known for playing Castiel on The CW series, will play Dylan, someone from Bridget and Siobhan’s past when they were in Tahoe.
  • Dylan was part of the reason there was a wedge driven between the sisters.
  • Kaitlin

    I got really excited when i saw this at first glance. I thought Cas was coming back :(

  • Kuroshida

    Same here! I totally freaked out in the middle of a restaurant cause I thought Cas/Leviathan!Misha was coming back, but the I realized it was about another show :(
    I want Misha back!!