Supernatural Spoilers: Show Writer Teases "Everybody Hates Hitler" Episode

Supernatural Spoilers: Show Writer Teases "Everybody Hates Hitler" Episode

Episode writer Ben Edlund previewed the events to unfold on this week's episode of Supernatural titled "Everybody Hates Hitler". On a conference call with the members of the press, check out what Edlund discussed about the episode:

Edlund weighed-in on the humor of the episode ---

“It’s got a lot more funny, I think, than maybe I’ve had for a few episodes, because even though it revolves around some very dark material, as all of the episodes do, in it is this natural comedy team of a giant Golem with an old-school sense of purpose, and a young Jewish man, who’s supposed to be a Rabbi by the rules of the awakened Golem, but he’s far from it. It lends itself to some of my favorite kind of writing,”

“The boys, dealing with this new sort of comedy team, get to be comedic themselves, so there’s a good bit of that. Even in exploring the new home, there’s a couple of moments. I think it’s got a higher comedy potential than the last handful of scripts I’ve done,”

Fans may also expect an amount of physical comedy, Edlund adds.

“People are batting each other great distances can sometimes be funny and in this case, there are a couple of things that function that way. I mean, the Golem is so physically present. The guy we got to play him, Tom DeSantis, is amazing. He’s like 6’11.” You know, usually when I’m writing something for Sam and Dean, and I say ‘oh, and this person towers over Sam and Dean,’ I’m in a really bad place to begin that discussion, because Jared is 6’6? or something and Jensen is really tall. They’re just both very big. And so, trying to get them to be towered over is pretty much an impossibility; or to get them be towered over and then have any acting quotient is an especially unfortunate assignment for casting, but this fellow was great. He was amazing, and has this voice that sounds like a church bell rolling down the hill. It’s great. He adds such presence to the intent of the comedy that’s written in the script, that it really just is amazing,”

Edlund talks about the new set of Supernatural in season 8 ---

“Sam’s really excited that they’re in this place, and he’s really jazzed about this wealth of information, and the library there, and everything that comes from inheriting the Men of Letters headquarters. Dean is a little less geeked out in that regard, and kind of points out that all of the information kind of terminates in 1958,”

“So how it relates to the present day is a mystery to him, in a sense, but then the case actually stems from what they learn by going over the files, with Sam, connecting the dots and trying to figure out what is relevant today, gets a hit on something that draws them into the case that they wouldn’t otherwise have pursued. So ultimately, the story stems from their inheritance of the Men of Letters,”

And finally, the guest cast. Barney Miller actor, Hal Linden will play as a rabbi on this installment.

“I really loved Barney Miller a lot,”

“I was there in the audition when he came. He’s a really wonderful guy. I didn’t spend days with him, but we got to speak for a moment. I’m really pleased… I am proud to have a piece of work that he appears in, because I watched Barney Miller, in a way, religiously, as a little kid. I just really loved it. They had a werewolf episode, so they had their little Supernatural moment, but ultimately, yeah. That was a big part of my youth".

Source: KSITE TV