'Supernatural' Spoilers: Sam's Romance, Castiel's Future, and a Possible Season 9

'Supernatural' Spoilers: Sam's Romance, Castiel's Future, and a Possible Season 9

The Television Critics Association's summer press tour has given us some good spoilers on some good questions, like what will Sam's new lady love be like? How much can we expect to see Cas in Season 8? And will this season be the show's last? Read on for the latest scoop.

New showrunner Jeremy Carver provides more details on Amelia, Sam's new love interest. Liane Balaban plays a veterinarian to whom Sam brings an injured dog a short time after he loses Dean. One of the challenges for the writers is to create a functional relationship between them when Sam is at his most damaged:

"We're looking at what the definition of what a working relationship is. I think it was Crowley who said to Sam, 'For the first time in your life, you are well and truly alone.' Who is the man that walked out of that building? Who is that version of Sam? And who is the type of person who could possibly rebuild that crumbled thing in him?"

Carver wants fans to be invested in how that relationship succeeds (or fails), and notes that the story will be told mostly in flashbacks, although we will also see Amelia in the present day. Complicating matters is that Sam will not be entirely forthcoming with Amelia about his life. Says Carver:

"Without getting too much into detail, there is tremendous emotional honesty. That's what we're going for there."

So how does Dean feel about Sam's new girl? When asked if he will be proud of Sam for moving on with his life or frustrated that Sam gave up on finding him, Carver teases, "It's a little bit of both."

Now on to the boys' angel friend. Cas fans will be happy to know that Misha Collins will be in a "minimum of eight" Season 8 episodes. Haters, well, get used to seeing him around again.

As for next season, CW chief Mark Pedowitz wants us all to know how much he loves the Winchesters. He says there was "no question" about the Season 8 renewal, and he has hopes that the show will continue:

“The guys are great. The show is great. We’re big believers in the show...I am a big Supernatural fan.  I hope it stays on as long as I’m still here.”

What do you think about the latest spoilers?

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