Supernatural Spoilers: Misha Collins on Castiel's Reunion With the Boys, Naomi's Programming, and What the Future Holds

Supernatural Spoilers: Misha Collins on Castiel's Reunion With the Boys, Naomi's Programming, and What the Future Holds

Goodbye StrangerCastiel makes his big return in tonight’s Supernatural, “Goodbye Stranger.” And his portrayer, Misha Collins, has lots of spoilers regarding his reunion with the boys, Naomi’s programming, and what lies ahead for the angel.

Castiel’s reunion with Sam and Dean is not a happy one, especially after Cas did not respond to Dean’s prayer in the last episode:

“[The boys react] with caution and skepticism for the most part. In fact, I would add one more adjective: Anger. It’s not exactly a warm welcome, but they have a shared objective, which they collaborate [on] to achieve. In spite of the fact that Sam and Dean don’t trust Cas and are pissed at him, they know that he’s a valuable ally in pursuing this objective.”

They’re right to not trust Cas, of course, considering his programming by Naomi. And unfortunately that control is nearly complete, making Cas, as Misha says, zombie-like. But there is a small part of Cas trying to fight back:

“The programming that Naomi has been undertaking with Cas has been deepening and Cas is pretty thoroughly under her control at this point. She is very firmly in charge of Cas but there is, of course, deep down, a shred of the old Cas still struggling to be heard or still struggling to take control. There will be a bit of an internal struggle that plays out in the episode.”

Many fans are wondering, will we learn more about other angels that might be Naomi’s allies? Misha says we will, but not just yet:

“How many angels are either collaborating with her or under her control isn’t something that’s answered in this coming episode, but it’s something that will play out a little bit down the line in coming episodes.”

What we will get in tonight’s episode is a "cute" moment between Cas and returning demon Meg:

“They have an unusual sort of heartfelt and just a frank conversation about their relationship, which is kind of sweet and endearing and unusual for Supernatural. Essentially, in not so many words, I think that Cas kind of admits that he has a crush on her. It’s kind of sweet.”

So what’s next for Cas? Misha hints that he might meet up with Benny again when the vampire comes back. And Cas will be visiting the boys’ new digs, the Men of Letters bunker. But then Cas will go his own way:

“[Castiel is] going to strike out eventually toward the end of the season on a sort of mission of his own that is an agenda that is sort of different from the boys.”

Are you looking forward to Castiel’s return? What do you think will happen between him and Meg? And what is his new mission? Share your thoughts in the Comments!

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