Supernatural Spoilers: Metatron, the Trials, and a "Clip Show"

Supernatural Spoilers: Metatron, the Trials, and a "Clip Show"

The Great EscapistNext week marks the return of Supernatural for the final four episodes of Season 8, and the spoilers are starting to come in fast and furious! Executive producer Jeremy Carver has gotten the ball rolling with spoiler scoop to EW...

  • Scribe of God Metatron will be a reluctant helper for Sam and Dean, as we will learn in May 1's "The Great Escapist":

“Metatron is a recluse and not by accident,” says executive producer Jeremy Carver. “So it’s going to be something of a chore to yank him from the life he has become accustomed. He’s not exactly a willing participant.”

  • The exact nature of Sam’s mysterious trial-caused ailments will start to become a little clearer:

[We’ll find ourselves asking] “what kind of effect this has on him not just physically but emotionally,” says Carver. “The weaker Sam gets, the more Dean has to stand up, and I think both boys are going to have to grapple with some very, very big things that happen in these last four episodes.”

  • Will May 8's episode "Clip Show" be one of Supernatural's "fun" episodes? Not quite:

“I think part of the fun of the title is understanding just what the title means over the course of watching the episode. So I’ll leave it at that....I don’t know. Call me afterwards,” he says with a laugh. “I don’t think you’re going to say it was fun. I would say it’s pretty earth-shaking in a way. [It's] fun in an edge-of-your-seat way.”

Supernatural returns next Wednesday with the Charlie-centric "Pac-Man Fever."