'Supernatural' Spoilers: Details on Castiel's (and Jim Beaver's) Returns

'Supernatural' Spoilers: Details on Castiel's (and Jim Beaver's) Returns

We're finally getting some solid information on Castiel's upcoming return, thanks to EP Robert Singer. He told Zap2It at a Television Critics Association party that Cas will be different when he returns in Episode 17 for a three-show arc:

"When they run across Castiel, it's a very different kind of Castiel. Dean has a bit of a moral dilemma in regard to Castiel in that first episode. Dean does some soul searching."

And in news that will likely cheer up fans left disappointed by how the writers handled Cas's "death" in Episode 2, Singer promised a more satisfying conclusion this time:

"It will feel like some sort of closure, yes. Not in the first episode back, of course, but by the third, absolutely."

Singer also gave official confirmation that Jim Beaver will return, saying that "Jim will be back, in one form or another, this season."

Singer further noted that they will end this season on a cliffhanger, regardless of whether they have word on a Season 8 pickup, saying they "like to be optimistic" and will write the cliffhanger and "see what happens."

What do you think of Singer's assurance of closure for Cas? Do you think Bobby will return as a ghost? And how about the prospect of being left in the lurch if the show is cancelled?