Supernatural Spoilers: Bobby Is Back for Season 9!

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July 16, 2013

Supernatural bobbySupernatural is bringing back fan favorite Bobby Singer when the show returns for Season 9 in October! Jim Beaver was the one to break the news, announcing his return on Twitter:

“Try not to get too excited, But I’m coming back to SUPERNATURAL,” and later, “No joke. For real.  #Bobbysback.”

No spoilers on how or why Bobby will return have yet been released, but Beaver tweeted this tantalizing tease:

“Read the script. Didn’t see this one coming. Whatever you think it is—it ain’t.”

Could Bobby be a fallen angel? Or is that too obvious, given Beaver’s tweet? Speculate away in the Comments!

  • Blokito

    I think we’ll see Bobby either spying on or hunting Metatron in Heaven, and he might discover a plan he has to put something in action on earth and manages to hitch a ride down with him or something along those lines ;)