Spoiler Bits for Supernatural Season 7 Episode 8 “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!”

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November 2, 2011

A wedding is happening in the November 11 episode of Supernatural. Here are some fun spoilers from Zap2It to tide you over until the surprising event.

  • One of the boys is in fact the groom, but the CW is not spilling on which one it is.
  • The Winchester involved is not getting hitched as part of a job or an undercover mission. To the contrary, he is totally into the nuptials.
  • There’s a whirlwind courtship involved.
  • The bride is someone we’ve seen before. More than once.

Who do you think the bride and groom are? Speculate away in the comments!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cindy-Shufelt/100001705616032 Cindy Shufelt

    Becky the fangirl finally gets her man, Sam. Like a monkey on the sun their love was too hot to live and yet it was a love that could not be denied. She’s the only woman we’ve seen more than once, other than Mary, Ellen and Jo.

  • -anonymous-

    I’m hoping Dean and Lisa but..I really don’t think that will happen;(

  • Patata

    Could be Sheriff Mills(my god she is a hotie), but could be any random chick from previous seasons.

  • gigirigigiri

    Obviously, the one getting married is Dean. Sam is not the kind of guy who get married. On the other hand, Dean has low self-esteem, is weak minded is more likely open to that kind of situation.

  • Dean

    I wish it was Cas and Dean… But we know it won’t happen… Damn you CW, it would have been THE BEST MARRIAGE EVER !!

  • Angeleyes_marium

    i’m thinking jessica make’s an appearance and she and sam get hitched because she’s the only woman he considered marrying plus dean is to hung up on lisa and ben to get married to anyone

  • http://twitter.com/jcolexo Jameela Coleman

    i feel like sam’s the one getting married, and that the writers know all the fans will assume dean’s the one getting married, but who’ll sam marry? >.<

  • http://twitter.com/jcolexo Jameela Coleman

    the women we’ve seen more than once: becky, bela, lisa, jo, ellen, mary, meg, and anna

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1434431628 Sammy Merlin Daly

    Might be another guy O.O

  • http://noybusiness.livejournal.com/ Noybusiness

    Would not fit the literal definition of “bride”.

  • Forhorsmen

    I’m thinking it’s going to be Ruby.  Maybe not actually  Ruby but the woman whose body Ruby was living in.  I know she was supposed to be dead but with a show like this, they can bring most people back to life.

  • Debhanley

    i would like it to be dean and lisa but i doubt it anyway in the promo it shows sam saying he s gettin married so i dont get it

  • Bonnie

    Maybe Bella, we all know Sam has a thing for her ;)

  • caswinchester

    Umm guys…..Sam and Jess??? im sorry i know shes dead and all but its supernatural, anything can happen, i doubt it will be Dean as hes only intrested in Joe and Lisa, mabye lisa starts rememberingbecause there love was extremely strong, and may convince Ben. but other than that my votes for Sam and Jess