Sera Gamble Talks Bobby, Castiel, Evil Clowns, Romance, and Other ‘Supernatural’ Spoilers

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January 10, 2012

For those of us still reeling from Bobby’s death, Sera Gamble promises no rest, with more evil, little romance, and a few returning familiar faces.

Gamble says that the decision to kill off Bobby was nearly as hard for her to make as it was for us to watch, but that in the Supernatural universe no one is safe:

“Clearly, we were very upset in the writers’ room when we were breaking that episode. One of the big themes this season and challenges for Sam & Dean has been about taking away the tools that they’ve come to rely on and the support system that they’ve come to rely on. We didn’t have that big of a pool to draw on to begin with. This show is pretty famous for killing people off. It’s a precedent that was set pretty early on.”

Dean is trying to cope by using a fake-it-til-you-make-it strategy, as shown by his pained smile at the end of the last episode. Frank’s advice to him in that episode is a good start in Dean eventually finding some peace, says Gamble:

“Frank won some grudging respect from Dean with that piece of advice about being professional and about trying to move forward. They’re not going to keep trudging on and just work because they have nothing else to do. Dean desperately wants to move on and to try to find reasons and meaning, to try and do right by Bobby’s memory. It’s important to him, and it’s important to him to be there for Sam, but we’ve thrown something incredibly difficult at him. He’s trying to take Frank’s advice, and if you’ve ever been given a piece of advice like that when you’re in grief, it’s not easy.”

Sam, meanwhile, will return to navigating his precarious mental state:

“That apple cart will be upset in an upcoming episode. We have some episodes coming up that continue to spin out what’s going on inside Sam’s head. We revisit what’s been happening in terms of his maintenance of his ongoing hallucination problem, which is a day-to-day thing that he’s been managing. He doesn’t have a permanent solution right now, he has a maintenance solution. That can’t last.”

One of the things that will upset that cart is one of Sam’s biggest fears (and mine): Clowns! What Gamble describes sounds like one of the show’s signature gleefully evil entries:

“Sam gets beaten up by clowns. As we all know, Sam is really afraid of clowns, so an upcoming episode takes place at a Chuck-E-Cheese type place. One of those birthday party pizza place, slash stop-bugging-your-parents-for-ten-minutes places. They pick up a case that takes place at Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie, and Sam has terrible childhood memories of this place. It’s just full of clown imagery. If you thought that early episode when he was confronted by a few clowns at that carnival was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It is about your worst nightmare. Childhood fears are kind of coming to life, and attacking people in this episode, so it was an opportunity for us to get really fantastical with what can attack people.”

So how about a little romance to lighten things up for the boys? Not this season:

“There’s no lasting love interests for them in Season 7. They don’t have time, they’re busy, and they are in no emotional state for any kind of conventional love interest.”

Gamble then moves on to the topic of returning faces, most notably Castiel. She says that they are right now working on the script in which Misha Collins returns, but she will not confirm if he returns as Castiel. Frank will be back, as well as Garth, the nerdy hunter played by D.J. Qualls who drove Dean up the wall while Sam was lovesick with Becky.

What do you think of Gamble’s writing of the show so far this season?

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  • Burrito1111

    Gotta be honest people knocked season 6 and I agree it might have been jumbled but the end was result was stunning and gave me high hopes for season 7 and how they would approach the castiel god thing. Well she totally let me down as a fan since the begining.I know the demon angel thing was getting a bit stale but this leviathan thing is a mess. Between the killing off main characters with no real set ups and the following through its just aweful. I can’t see anything savin this series which really hurts cause I love it. But its been one big let down after an other. The castiel god story wouldhave been awesome. Or even keepin him alive for a few more episodes while falling apart, just to set things up. But as I said above there are no real set ups and then the follow throughs are worse, like after killing off castiel therewas no real mention of an impacting charcter who died. An its to early to tell about how they will explain with bobby. So unless they bring castiel back with a good story or bobby somehow. I just don’t get how they have this rich story especially with all the seasons they couldn’t save bobby. Demon deals, hocus pocus or angel ways. Its like she’s trying to forget the past and wrting a whole new series. In closing I hate to admit it but maybe it shoulda ended after season 5s amzing finale. Bing back kripke PLEASE.

  • Leila

    I think the season has been great. It’s actually been more even than last season, although on the whole, season 6 had some of the best Supernatural episodes ever [fight the fairies,the western, sam splitting into parts, etc.] Not a big fan of Leviathans, probably because they seem so indestructible and there is no context for them. I actually think some Leviatian vs. Demon actuion would be great. The ep with Crowley and the Leviatian verbally sparring was compelling and fun. Anyway, I am in it for the duration!

  • racheal34

    gotta be honest season 6 wasnt good but had a few great eposodes but this season is getting good i just wish they would bring people from season 1 like sarah or cassie .sarah  gamble is doing a good job i wonder when eric kripke will be back to write some  eposodes season 7 is amazing and getting really good .

  • Donteach44057

    I see your point. However, I think Kripke was running into the same walls that Carter did with the X Files. I was wondering how they’d keep the series going after the apocalypse was thwarted. The Winchesters had everything down to a science it was just “what method do they use to dispatch this creature”. The leviathans are their first real challenge in a long time (and a great context for the political climate).

    I’m sure Castiel will be back (even before reading the spoiler above). I love the show but you must face the fact that eventually it will have to end. I thought they were running on borrowed time at the end of season 5 but was pleasantly surprised. I want to know how they’ll get Roman to eat himself!

  • Ida

    I am following this show to the END!! I was there right from the beginning watching Dean “shooting ”Casper” in the face!” and Sams demon-blood period, I laughed through Dean’s Yellow Fever and I screamed in the Asylum! – I am only a little disapointed in the lack of interesting episodes in season 6 and I cursed the death of Castiel which was just NOT a good way to go down.. such a let-down…. I cried through Bobby’s death and was just Awhed by the lack of devotion.. but now I once again have high hopes that the brothers (and the writers) will pull through and do an amazing Job. 
    things I would love to see though is:

    THE GHOST OF ELVIS – admit it, they would rock that old myth! XD
    A DOCTOR WHO EPISODE – not time-travel they’ve done that, are still doing that, no, I mean like reality and fantasy emerges – now that would be fun, lots of running and lots of laughs.
    ZOMBIESickness… i know i know…. but come’on… Dean would have a field-day
    CURSED DIARY – like everything you write in it comes true kind of deal would be pretty cool! :)
    PIRATES – seriously! that would be fun to see how they would do..

  • Miss_italia_137

    Not very impressed with this season so far. The only episode that was any good was the first one, and even then, they set up that great storyline of Castiel as the Leviathan, and then killed him off 2 minutes into the second espisode. I;’e just been dissapointed and underwhelmed in general by the season.

  • Kowal

    Very disappointed with this season. The writing has gone completely down the toilet and it’s become painful to watch. I miss the sustained plotlines which offered real suspense and generated real emotion for complex characters––the sam and dean of s7 and to a large extent s6 are shadows of their former selves. No arc that was begun this season (god-castiel, sam’s visions of lucifer, the leviathans) has yet been treated fairly or given a fraction of the attention it deserves. Instead, the writers are jumping from one cheap shot to another, introducing so many new characters and trying to shock us with so many tragedies that we’re numb to it. I give up on supernatural. It should have ended with s5.  

  • Gohomegoof

    your a goof and when season 7 comes back hoter then ever u can shove ur comment up your azz supernatural rules great show sam and dean rock cant wait til the anti christ comes back any real fan would know they have a plan set 

  • Upernatural

    and the only bonus would be to add me to it lol throw me a shotgun and go nuts 

  • Guest115

    you tell em bud lol 

  • Deansgirl

    supernatural rules and will always make a comeback 

  • Crazyfan2

    dean is hotttttttt

  • Dontkilltheblackman

    bring back rufus 

  • Number1fan

    death is awesome as long as they have him it will always pull threw 

  • Jacqui Nuske

    Disagree.  Season 6 was a messy disaster with no clear (ongoing) story line until 5 eps from the last.  God/Cas was an intense concept but never written to last, as the only possible adversary of ‘fake God’ is ‘real-God’.  I don’t see these writers – or any for that matter – pulling that off with any class. I thought the Leviathan was a clever alternative, and (for once) gave us a believable and bloody scary nemesis for the bros – probably because the abuse of power in our authority figures in reality makes for a small step to believable ‘monsters’!   

    Bobby’s death genuinely affected me in a way that very few eps have, I thought they (the writers and actors) pulled it off beautifully.  Will agree they need Cas back – if for no other reason than to give Sam and Dean someone else to ‘bounce’ off of, but overall all, surprisingly (I was ready to give up after S6) S7 a huge improvement.

  • Habi

    i absolutely agree with everuything you said !