Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: We’ll Be Meeting Two New Characters

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September 13, 2013

supernatural the boysTwo new characters will be introduced in Season 9 of Supernatural, one of them recurring. And according to spoilers from EOnline, there might be a love connection between her and one of our guys.

In episode seven, which is titled “Heaven Can Wait,” fans will be meeting two new characters: Nora, a cute hardworking single mother who owns a convenience store, and Ephraim, a creepy supernatural entity that thinks he can help people, but his powers can also swing the evil way. Viewers can expect to see Nora pop up more than once in season nine. (Anyone else’s love interest senses tingling?)

Who do you think Nora will be romancing?

Supernatural returns on October 8.

  • nonnie

    Given the title of the episode, and that we already know Dean’s love interest is Robin, I’m betting Nora’s there for Cas. :)

  • Pink_princess

    Nooooooo dean is in love with cas and cas is in love with dean…. So I hope she is for sam…..