Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: New Details on First Two Episodes and BTS Photo

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August 1, 2013

Supernatural premieres on October 8 with its first Season 9 episode, “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here.” Director Guy Norman Bee helmed the second episode and gave great spoilers on whether there’s a time gap from season to season, how Sam is doing, and a familiar face taking hunters hostage!

Although I got the honor of directing the first episode of Season 9 it will air second due to actor availability (one of the guest stars was only available the first 2 days of the episode so we had to shoot him out) – It picks up right where the season premiere leaves off, and the season premiere picks up right where the season 8 finale leaves off! (unlike the one year gap between S7 and S8). Sam has been “cured” and the boys resume their lives as if the trials that Sam endured in S8 never affected him. We’ll find out how he made this miraculous recovery in the premiere episode. The boys get word of a few of their hunter contemporaries that have been taken hostage by a familiar face from Season 8. He/She leads them to a spot outside Eugene, Oregon so He/She can get info about where Crowley is. How He/She is able to take hunters as hostages is a big part of the episode; by the recruiting of demons and getting them to “Be All That They Can Be!”

Plus, one of the show’s cameramen posted a new BTS photo on Steadistar on Twitter. Who’s holding that gun?

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