Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: New Challenges for Castiel

Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: New Challenges for Castiel

supernatural-season-9-poster-casTonight's Supernatural Season 9 premiere, "I Think I'm Going to Like It Here," picks up right where we left off last season. Castiel is now fully human, having to deal with lowly things like brushing his teeth and going to the bathroom, and the not so mundane, like the fallen angels who are out for his head. Misha Collins gave spoilers to TV Line about where we now find Cas and how he is going to deal with the coming angel warfare.

  • Cas soon realizes he doesn't have his angel powers anymore:

Castiel is a bit delirious, shell-shocked and finding himself alone in the woods. We find ourselves right where we ended the last season, where Castiel has just fallen from Heaven and is now graceless, which means that he is now essentially a human. He doesn’t realize this at first, so he is piecing things together. He tries to smite someone and fails, and [he] realizes that he can’t teleport. Then as we progress, he goes from seeing that he doesn’t have the powers that he used to have to seeing that all of the minutiae of surviving as a human are quite complex. He has to figure out how to live as a human, how to brush his teeth, how to aim into the toilet bowl.

  • He needs to keep away from the angels who are after him, and who still have their powers:

Cas is something of a magnet for the angels. A lot of the angels who fell to Earth fell with their grace, so they still have powers and they’re formidable foes. Cas is just an ordinary guy, a schmo now. So there are all these powerful angels who are out to get Cas, and he has to find ways to run and hide. He is also spending some time away from Sam and Dean, because he doesn’t want to draw the wrath of angels to the boys. He’s grappling with trying to figure out what his role should be in this whole thing. He’s trying to figure out whether he should live his life as a human being and have that be his experience and give up on the bigger fight or whether he has a debt that he needs to repay to the angels.

  • His love life will be just as challenging as trying to figure out how to be human:

Cas definitely dabbles in that realm. It doesn’t go as well as it could for him, but it doesn’t go as badly as it could either. I don’t know – it does kind of go pretty badly. That’s yet another aspect of the human condition that’s new to him that he has to figure out how to do.

Supernatural returns for Season 9 tonight at 9 pm on the CW. Will you be watching?