Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: More BTS Promotional Photos

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September 5, 2013

UPDATED 9/5/13 with the handsome Mark Sheppard! Updated 8/30/13 with Jared’s picture. More great BTS promotional photos from the CW: Jensen, Jared, and Misha sharing a laugh during the photo shoot. Jensen looking intense with a big knife. And, SPOILER ALERT…

Misha wearing a BLACK trench coat. Black?!?!

Could this be symbolic of a dark turn by Cas this season? Can he no longer wear his usual khaki because he isn’t an angel anymore? (And doesn’t Misha look fine in black?) Share your best theories in the Comments!

Supernatural returns for Season 9 on October 8.

  • Anja Katharina Schultz

    omg this looks truely amazing!! But Cas seriously why can´t you just wear Jeany and a t-shirt?^^