Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: Jeremy Carver Talks Dean's Burden, Trusting Ezekiel, and Crowley's War

Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: Jeremy Carver Talks Dean's Burden, Trusting Ezekiel, and Crowley's War

Devil May CareDean's decision to allow the angel Ezekiel to heal Sam in Supernatural's season premiere was not an easy one, and it will be one he will have to keep a secret for a while. EP Jeremy Carver provides spoilers about the consequences of Dean's burden, whether Ezekiel can be trusted, and how Crowley will battle Abaddon while stuck in the bunker.

  • Dean's decision will not only have consequences for his and Sam's relationship, but also for the rest of their world:

“It’s a life saved, arguably at the expense of other lives,” says Carver. “It’s a tremendous burden on Dean. The decisions he’s made are really going to drive mythology in ways that he never really expected.” To that end, “The secret is going to affect not just [Dean and Sam], but their world around them,” including “other characters and situations” in ways that are surprising to Dean.

  • Having to keep the secret from Sam, and with Cas unable to help him, Dean will be left with a surprising confidant:

"Dean, for the first time in a long time, has made two enormous decisions that are really going to be driving the mythology in ways expected and unexpected, and that's a really heavy burden for him to be shouldering," Carver explains. "One particularly more difficult because people he might be able to talk to about this, he can't—in particular, Sam, because Sam can't know. So it's like, what do you do when you find yourself perhaps that the only person, or one of the few people you can talk to about the angel in your brother Sam is the angel in your brother Sam?" Carver promises that the situation will lead to "some humorous situations, some heartbreaking situations, some irksome situations."

  • Can Sam's "angelic pacemaker" be trusted? Yes. And no.

"I think you're going to see [in Tuesday's episode] truer, more indications, perhaps, of Ezekiel's character," Carver says. "The trust and everything we saw in Tahmoh when he was playing him, I think we have no reason not to believe this guy." Ezekiel won't always abide by Dean's order to stay hidden. "That's something that we really can't wait for the fans to see for themselves. You have to start to imagine situations where this angel could possibly come out," Carver says.

  • The show won't only be about angels now, though. There's the little matter of Crowley being held captive by the boys in the bunker.

“The juiciness of that story this year is, how is Crowley going to potentially manage a civil war from his place in the bunker?” previews Carver. “It’s something we delve into rather directly and have a lot of fun with. We find, if I can borrow a fan term, some unexpected feels for a character that maybe we never thought we would feel for. It’s a really interesting portrait we’re painting of Crowley this year that I’m very excited about.”

  • And here's a bonus (and kinda strange) scooplet from EOnline:

Break out your old Madonna records, because the boys are feeling like virgins. No, really! In an upcoming episode, Jeremy Carver reveals "the boys become born-again virgins."

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