Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: Crowley's "Cure," Jensen Directing, and Dean's Big Secret

Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: Crowley's "Cure," Jensen Directing, and Dean's Big Secret

supernatural season 8 finale sam dean churchA new season brings so many questions. And Supernatural Season 9 has some biggies. Here is some spoiler scoop from EW to help you with some of the answers.

  • Did Sam and Dean "cure" Crowley in the Season 8 finale? Mark Sheppard maintains that they did not. But that does not mean he won't be struggling with some side effects from the attempt:

“I mean, as far as the canon is concerned, if you don’t complete the task then it hasn’t happened. I’d be more interested to see…if there is any residual effects.”

  • Jensen has been directing the first filmed episode of the past few seasons, but not this year due to the arrival of a certain bundle of joy. But Jensen says he might be able to direct one later in the season:

“I’m not directing this year — well not yet. They haven’t given me one. I usually direct the first one out of the gate, but because I have a 7-week-old daughter I opted to stay home with the newborn instead this year...There’s still a few episodes that are not slated yet with the directors and I think they’re trying to figure out how they can slide me in there storyline wise.”

  • Dean's got a secret, a big one, and Jared says it will test the brothers' renewed bond:

“It does really heavily involve Sam, and even has a lot to do with why Sam’s still alive. So Dean is just kind of lying to Sam.  And he’s hating it every step of the way and Sam can’t really tell. But when Sam finds out, s–t’s going to hit the fan.”

What do you think the "cure's" effects will be on Crowley? And what is Dean keeping from Sam? Give your guesses in the Comments!

Supernatural returns on October 15 at 9 pm.