Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: Castiel Out on His Own

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October 9, 2013

first promo photoSupernatural’s season premiere showed Castiel beginning to adjust to what life will be like for him as a human. And if that isn’t hard enough, he will also find himself unable to stay with the boys, according to these spoilers from Jensen and Jared to TV Line:

“He runs into an issue with a female, and then I tell him to get his ass back to the bunker,” previews Ackles. “But because he’s there and because of what Sam’s going through with his situation, there’s a bit of a conflict there.” Explains Padalecki: “The war that was in Heaven is now on Earth — and it’s hardcore. There are factions of angels that are out for Cas’ head. I know Ezekiel probably feels that it’s unsafe to have Cas around because [he] is a beacon for angels.” So the poor guy gets booted from the bunker because he “doesn’t have the power that he needs to protect himself or to protect us,” continues Ackles. “[Dean] literally has to sit down with him and be like, ‘You gotta go.’ That sends Cas out on his own to fend for himself. [In] Episode 7, we come to find out where he’s been and what he’s been doing, and that’s pretty funny.”

But it’s not all bad news for Castiel! EOnline reports the bonus spoiler that Cas will indeed get some action and “do the deed” in an upcoming episode. Do you think it will be with his new love interest?