Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers: Bartholomew Is “Malicious and Sinister”

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November 6, 2013

Supernatural-BartholomewAs Supernatural fans know, not all angels are nice. But last season’s baddie Naomi will pale in comparison to Season 9′s Bartholomew, according to spoilers that Jensen and Misha gave to TV Guide:

Let’s just say that he might pose a few more problems for the Winchester boys than previous angel Naomi did. “Bartholomew set out to be a headhunter to kind of rule the roost, whereas Naomi was more in the business of trying to preserve heaven and ruling that landscape,” Jensen Ackles tells us. “With that comes [new] rules of the game.” And those new rules are likely to more deadly. “Bartholomew is malicious in a way that Naomi wasn’t,” Misha Collins says. “She would engage in torture, but there’s something more sinister about Bartholomew. He seems to me to be less sympathetic.”

Are you afraid of what Bart will do next?