'Supernatural' Season 8 Spoilers: Jeremy Carver Talks "Resetting the Mythology"

'Supernatural' Season 8 Spoilers: Jeremy Carver Talks "Resetting the Mythology"

New showrunner Jeremy Carver has definite ideas about what he wants for Supernatural's Season 8: make the brothers less complicated and more mature. Read on for spoilers on his plans to make that happen, plus what he thought of last season (hint: not a big fan of the Leviathans).

Carver admits he had some catching up to do before he came back to the show. So he did a marathon viewing session of the last couple seasons. While he thought the episodes were good, there is something he feels can be improved upon:

“The one thing that struck me [while] watching Season 7 was I felt like the show got a little bit buried under its mythology. It became a little hard to tell exactly what was going on at times. The longtime fans all deserve intricate plot, but it felt a little burdensome.”

He wants to fix that by "resetting" that mythology to grip viewers new and old:

"[I want to start Season 8 with something familiar] like a flashback that lifelong fans or early fans will hopefully appreciate the magnitude of, but new fans can also grasp onto. Resetting our mythology was one idea that I tried to bring into [the show].”

Part of the revised mythology will include more grown-up versions of the Winchester boys, a result of their time apart:

"Part of this season is realizing they didn’t just spend several years together; they really matured in different ways. It’s one thing to get in a car with your brother in year one, but eight years later, you’ve both matured and grown. You’re both changing and trying to find out who you are. There’s a lot of that type of exploration for these guys this year.”

What do you think of Carver's plans for the show?

Source: TV Line