Supernatural Season 8 Promo--A New Mission for Our Boys

A first and awesome look at Season 8 of Supernatural and the new mission that our reunited boys will be pursuing. Look for a badass Kevin, a battered Castiel, a soggy Crowley, and much more!

Zap2It reveals Season 8's main storyline:

Throughout history, demons have been leaking out of hell, wreaking havoc on innocent people and waging war with angels. But what if the gates of Hell -- which, incidentally, are rumored to be located at Stull Cemetery in the Winchesters' hometown of Lawrence, KS -- could be closed forever?

The promo reveals the major arc of the season, which involves the Winchesters hunting down the key to shutting those gates. If they're successful, they'll banish all demons from the face of the earth and lock them away forever. Of course, Crowley and his cohorts aren't going to make it easy.

Is it October 3 yet?