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Supernatural Season 8 Episode 20 "Pac-Man Fever" Spoilers: Felicia Day Previews Charlie's Return

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 20 "Pac-Man Fever" Spoilers: Felicia Day Previews Charlie's Return

Pac-Man FeverEveryone’s favorite hacker Charlie is back in tonight’s Supernatural, “Pac-Man Fever.” Felicia Day gave spoilers to EW about learning more about Charlie’s past, the secret she’s keeping, her Tomb Raider-like costume, and the funny moment we should be looking out for.

  • Tonight's episode will delve into Charlie’s past and the secret she’s keeping:

This particular episode is not only classic Charlie in that there’s a lot of wit and banter and character moments, but there’s a lot of gut to it as well. This is really about Charlie’s past, about peeling at the layers…[Her secret is] all about Charlie’s backstory, about her history. There’s always an air of mystery about Charlie, and in this episode a lot of these mysteries are unveiled.

  • Her past ties into the case she brings to the boys and to the video game she ends up in with Dean:

The game element is partly tied to the monster, the supernatural element that Charlie comes to the guys with, but also it has something to do with Charlie’s past, which is really an interesting way to join those two ideas in this video game world… She is someone who I think is very alone in this world, and that’s why I think she’s drawn to Sam and Dean so much because they do have that sort of similarity in that they’re outside of the regular world. I think that’s why Charlie’s drawn to them and so proactive and trying to be a part of their world, by coming to them with a case and wanting to be a part of the process of solving it.

  • Day loved the “powerful” costume she got to wear in the video game world:

I thought it was really iconic without being exploitative. Charlie is a really powerful girl, and some video games have some interesting wardrobe choices for female characters, but this one – the Tomb Raider game came out right around this episode when we filmed it, and I saw a lot of similarities, that character being evolved to be a more empowering character, a more realistic character, and I think that’s reflected a lot in Charlie’s outfit. She is definitely ready to rock. But at the same time it’s practical.

  • And she wants fans to be on the lookout for a hilarious scene with some classic Dean:

I would definitely say look forward to [a scene in a] clothing store for some of the funniest Dean reactions on the planet.

An all-new Supernatural airs tonight on the CW. Are you looking forward to Charlie’s return?