Supernatural Season 8 Episode 20 “Pac-Man Fever” First Look Photo

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April 11, 2013

It’s Charlie in a cheap pant-suit! The hacker makes her third appearance in the April 24 episode of Supernatural, “Pac-Man Fever,” and here’s your first look photo of her and Dean on a case.

In the episode, Dean benches Sam because he’s still suffering from the effects of the second trial. When Charlie calls with a case, Dean decides it’s time to teach her how to be a hunter. But Dean and Sam begin to suspect Charlie is keeping a secret that could get her killed.

Check out the spoiler photo of Dean and Charlie, courtesy of EW. Wonder if Charlie will get her own rockin’ FBI name…

Pac-Man Fever

  • Theresa Ann Spataro

    Sam and Dean need to stick togeather right now Dean should not let his baby bro out of his sight. I would tie my baby brother to my hip if i was Dean they have lost each other so meny times. I being the oldest would not let it happen agian.