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Supernatural Season 8 Episode 2 "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?" Spoilers: Mrs. Tran and Castiel's Feelings About Benny

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 2 "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?" Spoilers: Mrs. Tran and Castiel's Feelings About Benny

What will it be like having Mrs. Tran as the "fourth wheel"  in the Impala? And how does Cas feel about Dean and Benny's friendship? Read on for spoilers from Wednesday night's Supernatural, Season 8 Episode 2 "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?".

In a recent TVOvermind interview, Jared mentioned that this week's episode is one of his favorites. Kevin's mom Mrs. Tran is being held by demons, and Kevin asks the boys to help rescue her. Once they do, however, she tries to enforce her considerable will over her saviors, which brings some needed humor:

"So we go to check on her and find out, indeed, she’s been kinda compromised and we have to save her before we get to try and regain possession of the tablet.  It’s a fun episode.  It puts Dean and Sam in some funny situations where they’re these two guys who have kind of been a sovereign entity.  We’ve had Bobby and we’ve had Cas and we’ve had some of the Roadhouse hunters.  But there’s a 'Tiger Mommy' forced on us so we find ourselves in a kind of situation where we’re like 'we don’t want to buckle our seat belts and we don’t want to chill out, just let us do what we were doing'."

That fun is offset by this week's tough mission, which is to acquire a Word of God tablet in an auction populated by beings the boys might not be able to defeat:

"[this episode is where] we deal with a god - where we deal with Plutus.  We find ourselves in a situation where we’re heavily outgunned, heavily out-numbered.  We basically have our wits about us and that’s it.  We’re dealing with gods and monsters and people who have infinite wealth and so we kind of have nothing to use but our wits and our imagination."

This episode also brings us the return of Cas, via flashbacks to his time in Purgatory with Dean. How does Cas feel about Dean's burgeoning friendship with Benny the vampire? Not good, said Misha:

"[Castiel's] wary of Benny from the get-go and I think that he then is possibly a bit jealous too of the sort of friendship or camaraderie that happens between Dean and Benny, I think. You know, Cas doesn’t have a lot of other friends in Purgatory."

We should learn more about what happened to Cas in Purgatory in Episode 7, which Misha noted is a biggie for the angel. So stay tuned!