Supernatural Season 8 Episode 17 “Goodbye Stranger” Spoilers: Conflict Between Dean and Castiel

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March 13, 2013

supernatural-castiel-naomiJust how much control does Naomi have over Cas? And what will that mean for Dean’s relationship with him? EW has spoilers for next week’s return of Supernatural, Season 8 Episode 17 “Goodbye Stranger”:

In the March 20 ep, I can tell you that Castiel and Dean’s relationship will be tested as Castiel feels Naomi’s (Amanda Tapping) pull stronger than ever. (Warning: It gets brutal/heartbreaking/SOFREAKINGGOOD!) Bonus (vague) scoop: Sooner rather than later, yet another character is going to [spoiler]!

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  • It is inevitable in this show

    die, everyone dies