Supernatural Season 8 Episode 12 “As Time Goes By” Spoilers: A New Mythology, A New Enemy, and a New Story Arc

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January 29, 2013

Tomorrow night’s Supernatural, Season 8 Episode 12 “As Time Goes By,” is not only important because the boys will meet their grandfather and finally find out more about the Winchester side of the family. The episode will also send the show into a new direction for the rest of the season. Here are spoilers for what we can expect.

  • The reality of what really happened to Henry and his supposed abandonment of John is much different than what his son believed. And that makes one wonder what John would have been like if his father had been around.
  • The baddie of the week, Abbadon, is a type of demon that we’ve never seen before and she will pose a whole new threat to the Winchesters.
  • For this episode at least, the boys will put their differences aside and present a united front.
  • Something very significant and very emotional will happen at the end that will have a profound effect on the boys.
  • The answers to why Henry time traveled and what brought him will send the series off into a new direction and begin a new story arc that will play out over several episodes.

Are you looking forward to tomorrow night?

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    I havent seen so exciting spoilers in YEARS… hope the hype is up to the expectation xD