Supernatural Season 8 Episode 12 “As Time Goes By” Casting Spoilers: Get Ready to Meet Grandpa Winchester

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November 30, 2012

I’ve previously posted spoilers about the upcoming Supernatural episode, “As Time Goes By,” in which a cult member named Henry travels from 1958 to 2013. The Huffington Post now reveals that the role has been cast, and the actor will be playing a member of the family we haven’t learned much about before.

Gil McKinney, who you may know from Grey’s Anatomy or Friday Night Lights, will be playing the pivotal role of Henry, also known as Henry Winchester, the boys’ paternal grandfather. Jensen talked about getting to find out more about that part of the family tree:

“This is a [man] we knew nothing about, because he was never involved in our lives or the lives of people that were involved directly with us. It’s kind of getting some insight into the life and the legacy of the Winchesters, which is something that we as characters never really knew.”

Jared added that it will also open the opportunity to learn more about Big Daddy Winchester:

“And we found out about the Campbells. We knew their mom, kind of knew her business, and so it’s interesting to see from a Winchester perspective what happened, and learn a little bit more about our father.”

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until late January for the episode. Are you looking forward to meeting their grandpa?