Supernatural Season 8 Episode 11 “LARP and the Real Girl” Spoilers: More Details on Felicia Day’s Return

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December 7, 2012

We’ve previously posted that geek goddess Felicia Day will reprise her role as Charlie in Supernatural Season 8 Episode 11, “LARP and the Real Girl.” Now TVLine has spoilers on what we can expect, straight from EP Jeremy Carver:

“That is our live-action role-playing episode. We will discover that young Charlie Bradbury, in running from her past life, has found herself a new life in a new community. Basically, [she] has fallen into the welcoming arms of a community of LARPers.”

You can check out behind the scenes photos of the episode here. Day’s return will air in mid-January.

Are you looking forward to seeing Charlie again?

  • ginger

    When is there going to be an actual episode about the two main Characters? Dean and Sam have many personal issues to resolve. Sam has some major apologizing to do.


    When are Dean and Sam going to resolve their issues? I want this season to be like the good old days!

  • Kelly

    No they both need to apologize!

  • JohnJustice

    Idc about their relationship issues,they will always have those, get on with the “Words of God”plot already!!!

  • SPNlover

    I can’t wait for this episode! Charlie is so cool. :) And I’m loving this season, especially that they are adding the romance element with Sam/Amelia and probably Dean/Castiel. It’s really awesome :)