Supernatural Season 8 Episode 11 “LARP and the Real Girl” Spoilers: Felicia Day Previews Charlie’s Return

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January 22, 2013

In tomorrow’s Supernatural episode, “LARP and the Real Girl,” the boys investigate the deaths of two live-action role-players and come across a familiar face: Charlie. Turns out Felicia Day’s hacker has found her sanctuary as the Queen of Moondoor. Day drops some spoilers about Charlie’s return.

Empowered by her new position, Charlie isn’t the same girl they met last season, and their reunion is “not the most friendly”:

“This Charlie is a little bit more beaten up and a little bit more gun-shy in a sense,” says Day. “But she’s still the kind of girl who’s going to meet you toe-to-toe. She’s never going to back down if she believes something.” That comes in handy when going up against the Winchesters. “She’s not intimidated, and she’s willing to question,” she continues. “That brings out a lot of fun dynamics between her and, especially, Dean.”

As Queen, Day gets to be involved in a little action, plus something that made her blush: “I just will say I do things I’ve never done before in this episode.”

And we’ve seen in photos and promos that Dean dons medieval garb. Will Sam also be getting dressed up?

“I think that there might be costumes on everybody at a certain point,” hedges the actress. “I can tell you there are definitely things you’re going to want to screenshot and [make into] animated GIFs. You can highlight the quotes in the scripts. It’s really witty and well-written.”

Day returns as Charlie in tomorrow’s Supernatural at 9 pm on the CW.

Source: TVLine