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Supernatural Season 8 Episode 1 "We Need to Talk About Kevin": More Spoilers From the Premiere

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 1 "We Need to Talk About Kevin": More Spoilers From the Premiere

Just how close did Dean and Benny get in Purgatory? Does Dean actually miss Purgatory? And what is Kevin like after his time with Crowley? All this and more spoilers ahead!

Zap2It has seen the Supernatural Season 8 premiere and shared these spoilers of what we can expect:

  • The most unexpectedly awesome part of this unexpectedly awesome episode is Benny (Ty Olsson), a vampire Dean meets in Purgatory who essentially rides Dean back to our world. When we see a flashback to his and Dean's first meeting, they're reluctant allies, but by the time they get back, they've become extremely close -- even downright affectionate. (Dean's goodbye hug with Benny feels way less awkward than his hello hug with Sam.) It's clear that these two characters care about each other and want to take care of each other. They've shared a foxhole and become true comrades, and though we're not quite sure how they got there or what terrible things they had to do in Purgatory to get back, we can't wait to find out.
  • Dean's character journey is going to get juicy this season. While in Purgatory, Dean tapped into a primal instinct deep within him -- and he was surprised to find that he liked it. We'd even go as far as to say that after being reunited with Sam, Dean even misses Purgatory a bit. He admits to Sam that he's not the same guy who disappeared a year ago, and it's nice to hear a Winchester admit that for once, instead of pretending all is hunky dory. Plus, some things never change -- when Sam orders Dean a burger and fries, Dean is downright touched.There's some PTSD stuff similar to what we saw when Dean returned from hell, but it doesn't feel like a rehashing of an old story. Dean is more like a soldier who returns from war and doesn't quite know how to fit into his former life.
  • Once Sam and Dean are reunited with our favorite mathlete Kevin (Osric Chau), we learn that through God's word, he's become a hunter in his own right, learning to fight demons. By the end of the episode, he's essentially in the same place Sam was when we first met him in Season 1. He's knowledgeable and can hold his own in a hunt, but he'd really rather be taking Psych 101 at Princeton -- something raises the stakes for him and gives him a real reason to fight, the way that Jessica's death did for Sam. Also, it's worth saying that Kevin definitely gets the best joke of the episode.

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