'Supernatural' Season 7 Spoilers: Robert Singer Talks Leviathan Payoff

'Supernatural' Season 7 Spoilers: Robert Singer Talks Leviathan Payoff

Following Bobby’s death, the hunt for top Leviathan Dick Roman has been intense but annoyingly unsuccessful. As Robert Singer tells EW, that will all change toward the end of the season:

“I will say that I think the end of the season has a satisfying end for the viewers. But like most years, we solve one problem and start another, which is really what we’re doing this year. We were really happy with the villain this year — we thought the head Leviathan was a really great villain. He’ll get paid off by the end of the year.”

Losing everything and the boys being up against a seemingly insurmountable foe is what the writers intended for this season, putting a spin on the norm:

“Having their world shrink, shrink, shrink on them as they were fighting the largest thing they’ve ever fought, that was all something we talked about in the writer’s room early on. We wanted them to be the last cowboys out there and the modern world was closing in on them. We wanted them not as well equipped to fight this battle as they were to fight others. It was them against the world at a certain point.”

Have you liked the Leviathans as Season 7's Big Bad?