‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Spoilers: Misha Collins Talks Closure for Castiel

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March 15, 2012

After Castiel’s unceremonious departure from the show at the beginning of this season, fans were understandably upset that he never received the farewell he (and we) deserved. Interestingly, Misha Collins did not have a problem with how Cas’s “demise” was handled:

“You know, it was amazing when that term ‘closure’ was bandied about. Some fans that I talked to were upset that Cas didn’t maybe get a proper burial or a proper period of mourning. I kind of don’t really agree with that. I think Cas had been on a road of death, and there was a mourning going on for him for the entire last several episodes, which happened to bleed over into season 7. Cas, as everyone knew him, had been gone for some time by that point.”

He also reassures us that his upcoming three-episode arc will probably not be the last we will see of Cas:

“I haven’t seen the final episode [script]. If, by closure, you mean salting and burning the bones, and permanently, irrevocably, eradicating the character — then no. That is not the case…I think that Cas is getting his due attention at the end of Season 7, if that’s what [fans are] looking for.”

Would he like to come back in Season 8, if the show is renewed? Oh, yes:

“I had that conversation with Sera [Gamble] and Bob [Singer] recently, and told them ‘Hey, just so you know, I would love to keep working on the show.’”

And we would love to have him back, wouldn’t we, fans?

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  • http://twitter.com/padakitty Erika

    Oh God no, I would not.  I’ve been hating that all the attention for Sam’s Breakdown is being wasted on Castiel coming back on the show.  Seriously.  Castiel gets to act like Ruby and Lucifer combined and then gets a complete sympathetic white wash out of it.  Lame.  And Dean is almost guaranteed to be out of character for this arc.    

  • Anonymous

     I completely agree. I was glad when Cas died and was sorry to hear that he was coming back.  I miss Misha…but I don’t miss Cas.  These eps are not going to be any fun for me at all.

  • Burrito1111

    What arcs? The writers don’t seem to have arcs this season(sams breakdown mybe bu they shoved it aside once already) the leviathins don’t seem to have an arc or purpose(I did have a glimmer of hope that was lost around “making friends” then all we get about 4 episodes isa big open field). Ill admit season 6 I was worried cause it seemed jumbled but I thouroghly enjoyed the last couple of episodes from frontierland on was very well written an the ending was prfect go big or go home with a godlike former friend gone off the rails. But then they wimped out and killed him off(horiblly with no set up they could have had a better set up using more episodes to paint a better picture of the leviathins. Like having cas struggle trying to contain them more for an eppisode or maybe having cas cause somemore chaos) but most of all my complaint is they shit on the mythology of seasons 1-6 like when bobby was dying a typical supernatural fan like me was probally thinking crosroads demon,crowley, faith healer, etc I mean come on) repo man was good though. Didn’t like the ending but still good. Cas def needs some closure and with meg back maybe th plot will get better but damn I’m worried about getting a season 8.

  • Jaybeu78

    I’m over the whole “Dean and Sammy have to be alone and have no friends or support system anymore” crap so the mere IDEA that Castiel, who is their FAMILY, might be back for more makes me happy. Yes, he made mistakes but then, his “models of humanity” are the ROYALLY screwed up Winchesters. And if they can give each other more second chances than there are stars in the sky then they can do the same for Cass. And I really don’t care what H8r’s think. :)